Hasbro's Fury Files Finally in Manila!

I just heard the news: Hasbro's Marvel Universe Fury Files has finally arrived!

I quickly stopped by good ol' Toys 'R' Us in Trinoma Mall and sure enough, there it was...the first wave of Fury Files figures. There was X-Force Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Johnny Storm, Daredevil, Punisher, Silver Surfer and Black Panther, all in neat rows next to the virtually unsellable Hasbro Marvel Legends Banshees and Emma Frosts.

Stopping only to chat with a fellow action figure collector, I snapped up the one figure I wanted (and can afford...I'll get to that later) which was Iron Man. Let's see what I got myself into...

Marvel Universe Fury Files Iron Man
So Hasbro finally dips into the superhero 3 3/4" market with Fury Files, and amid lots of fan ranting and raving, it's finally here. One thing you would notice is the consistency of the packaging throughout the line, with some great graphics and Frank Cho (!) art for the image of the hero or villain that's in the pack. It's also surprisingly easy to open safely to get some LOC mileage!

Now for the fig...I have to say this is probably the best looking Iron Man figure I've ever seen. The sculpt and detail is downright amazing for its size and it reflects Tony Stark's current armor pretty much to a T! The paint is a perfect metallic shade of Iron Man's red and gold, with little to no application errors that I'm afraid the painters might have stabbed their eyes out with a sharpened paintbrush making this figure!

Fury Files Iron ManFury Files Iron Man
And articulation? Pretty much every point of articulation you might see in a 6" Marvel Legend is here in 3.75" size: balljoint head, shoulders, elbows, knees and feet, swivel waist...the only new joint I've seen is the weird pegs for the hips, and even then it's barely noticeable. You can get lots of posing potential with this figure, from action poses to 'standing there looking awesome' poses, and pretty much decent flying poses, if not for Iron Man's inability to look a good deal up or down. His right arm doesn't go all the way down to his side, so he might look lopsided, but I think it has a purpose which we'll get back to in a sec. The joints are pretty strong and tight though, so if you want your fig to strike a pose, it stays that way until you decide otherwise.

Fury Files Iron ManFury Files Iron Man
The one cool thing I enjoyed about this figure is the accessories and cool swag included with it. Iron Man comes with what appears to be a simulacrum of his 'repulsor blast', cast in clear yellow plastic and clips snugly on either of his wrists. At first I felt it was a little bit heavy, and I found it hard to pose Iron Man without the 'blast' dragging him down to the ground. But then the strong joints come into play and once you strike a right balance, it works all right! There's also a "top secret" little folder containing little classified documents, a full size Superhero Registration card and a code that you're supposed to input in their official website, www.furyfiles.com. It's a neat little extra that adds a great deal of dimension to the line than just 'here's your action figure, kthxbai'.

Now we come to the point of contention for me: the price. It's set at P549.75, costing only a little less as some of the earlier 6" Marvel Legends! Egads! I was hoping that for a fig in the 3.75 inch scale, the price would be not unlike, say, DC Infinite Heroes who are also 3.75 inch but cost P299. But then again, Fury Files has waaaay more articulation (and possibly accessories) than Infinite Heroes, so I guess we're paying for that. But my newly found friend and I agreed that until we know how much it costs in the U.S., we can't really say if it's expensive or not. I'm just saying that even for figures this cool, the price point might drive away a bit of sales, given the economy as of late.

All in all, Marvel Universe Fury Files is shaping up to be an awesome set, if not for the scary price. But if you do want to give Fury Files a go, you absolutely can't go wrong with Iron Man!

The Fury Files are available at Toys 'R' Us and Toy Kingdom...so get to it!

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  1. Good review.

    With Star Wars hitting $7.99 now and GI Joe about $7.50 in stores. I've stopped collecting most of them.

    I predict that price range when they hit here, probably $7.99 my guess. A few years ago that was the price of the ML figures.

  2. thanks for looking, anon!

    I hear you...7.50 to 7.99 is a bit too much for a 3.75 inch fig.

    As for your prediction, I think you'll be spot on. Though now it comes out as cheaper in your side of the fence since if I calculated my exchange rate right, Fury Files figs here cost about $10. Still, if anybody reeeeally wants these figs, the price point won't deter them one bit. Your mileage may vary, though. :)

  3. $10 yeah it doesn't surprise me, I hear Australia for ML cost much more then U.S. rates. It varies by country.

    Still I have no need to collect the same figures yet again, that I got in ML scale. Like others I'm hearing, I'll probably just get a few I like or not ML made. Such as Maverick, any Iron Man, and the main characters.

  4. Hey I hear you. I just started out collecting MLs and I love the line, that's why its kind of sad that Fury Files got to make this version of Iron Man first when I've been waiting for an ML scale of Iron Man's current armor to fill my Mighty Avengers ranks. Couple that with Hasbro deciding to make them exclusive to US stores, and any ordinary collector or kid's chance to get new MLs in my country is now all but nonexistent. So it's kind of exciting to get the Fury Files line for me. I'll be the same as you, though...just cherry-picking my faves.

    I did a new review yesterday if you care to look...don't worry, the way these babies are shaping up, it's worth the wait.