The "My Girlfriend Rocks" Post!

Wait! Don't shut down this tab or browser or whatever! It's not what it looks like!

It's just that today, my girlfriend and I will celebrate our 2nd anniversary together. As one of the very scant few women who really noticed I exist to the point of actually agreeing to go out with me, I treasure her muchly. And as such, I dedicate this post to her.

I love her for a lot of things, and those lot of things are too mushy to be in a comic book blog, so I'll just talk about the one thing that concerns this girlfriend knows I love comic books and is actually okay with it.

Now I know some of you might think I overreact, saying it's not so abnormal, but I assure you it's not so normal given the situations and given the country I'm in. But anyway since she knows I love comic books then I'm an easy person to give gifts to on special occasions. Hence, I'm here to talk about the comics she gave me as gifts, and whether they're good or not.

Of course, I'm going to say they're good, because she knows what I like, and because I love her that much...right, dear? :)

MARVEL CROSSOVER CLASSICS: THE MARVEL/DC COLLECTION VOL. 3 This was my girlfriend's first comic book gift to me, knowing how I love comic books. It's a collection of crossovers from Marvel to DC to Wildstorm (who is already owned by DC, remember?). It's got the crossover tales of Superman and Hulk, Batman and Daredevil, Batman and Spidey, Batma--nah he's too awesome to keep doing crossovers. Anyway, most of it is hit and miss but it's still a good read.

I love Steve Rude's work here in Superman/Hulk. His 1960's style really gave me the impression that this story happened during the two heroes' early years. I especially hold dear the crossover of Team X (Remember Maverick?) and Team 7's early years written by former GI Joe scribe Larry Hama. I find his love of the term "mop" (as in "let's mop up the survivors with intersecting fire!") and his uncontrollable urge to squeeze in military terms and callsigns (Hama actually used to be in the military) to be annoying but utterly addicting.

Oh and it should also be noted that my girlfriend got this for me because she didn't know which particular hero/universe/genre I liked, and so she decided to get me stories that encompassed everything at once. Genius.

EX MACHINA VOL. 1: THE FIRST HUNDRED DAYS A monthsary gift from way back when my girlfriend found out I wanted to get into reading Ex Machina but didn't have the funds to do so. One of the most prized possessions in my collection, due to its significance and the fact that Mitchell Hundred, aka "The Great Machine" is one of the most interesting comic book characters I have read in a long while.

Ex Machina
is the story of Mitchell Hundred, a civil engineer who got into a bizarre accident, which gave him the ability to control and command machinery of any kind. He uses this new found power to become the first super powered hero, The Great Machine. After a couple of adventures (including stopping the most memorable tragedy of our age) he decided that he would do more good running for Mayor of New York City, and this is where his story starts. This trade paperback compiles the first five issues of this landmark series, and writer Brian K Vaughan and artist Tony Harris packs so much good stuff into this trade that it's absolutely criminal.

There you have it. Two trades I hold near and dear to my heart, and seeing and reading these things over and over reminds me how much my girlfriend rocks. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Hey, I'm probably not the only one with a rocking girlfriend who loves (or at least tolerates) our comic book lifestyle. If you want to share, or just want to comment on anything you've read, leave a comment below.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date to go to. :)

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