Dark Lich's Linkblog: Watchmen Movie Edition!

ICv2 has an excerpt from the L.A. Times interview of Alan Moore, where the award winning writer comments on the upcoming Watchmen movie and Hollywood in general. The full article, of course, is just a click away.

Well, we all know where Moore stands when it comes to movies about his works, and he's quite happy with the legal predicament the film is currently in. For more on Watchmen's legal woes, there's articles here and here. If all that information means jack squat to you, Comic Book Movie graciously explains all that lawyer-y legalese hullabaloo in layman's terms here.

Oh, and in case you haven't read a lick of Watchmen, or you're like me and have only tasted it for the first time (an analysis about it to come in the future!), PopMatters has an article that can get you up to speed in a jiffy.

Personally I can't wait to see what happens, as it looks cool enough. But if you've read Watchmen already, do you think it will live up to the book, or at least to the hype surrounding it? I honestly don't think so, what with all the complex layers of storytelling genius Moore has written. We'll have to see.

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