Final Booster Theory with D & D Miniatures

When my best friend and I went to Neutral Grounds today, I was sad to see that they didn't have any Marvel Heroclix: Fantastic Four starter sets stocked at all. So what am I gonna do with all this money I have? Maybe I could have saved it for a rainy day or something...but no~! I ain't leaving that mall without chotchkes to gloat over!

So I asked my best friend one of the most important pieces of advice I can ask of him: do I get a booster of D & D Miniatures: Dungeons of Dread, or a booster of Marvel Heroclix: Secret Invasion?

After pondering the quandary for a couple of hours (while looking and geeking out at Marvel Legends figs and Transformers at Toy Kingdom), we mutually decided to spend my money on one booster of Dungeons of Dread, which was the last booster of its kind in the shop.

Now my best friend here believes (I think it's already been established as fact) that the last remaining booster is often the most awesome one, where your chances of getting a super rare figure increases exponentially or where tons of your favorites magically appear inside as if you just wished them to existence. I was skeptical, because apart from a few glancing coincidences here and there, I've never had the pleasure of buying the last booster of its kind on the rack and finding my wants on every slot or plastic baggie.

Nevertheless, I wanted to give my best friend the benefit of the doubt. Sure enough, after buying the last remaining booster, I pulled...

a Warrior Wight

Vampire Spawn (that I've been crushing on for the longest time)

Orc Raider
Giant Centipede

Dwarf Chieftain (for my dwarven army)

Elf Archer (for my good wilderness warband)

Tiefling Warlock (just coz it looks cool)

and a freaking Death Knight.

One booster, holding almost all my wants from the Dungeons of Dread set, was right in front of me. A booster that would have been a very serendipitous booster in sealed play (what with all the evil undead inside!), was in my hands.

I now believe in the "Final Booster" theory.

And yes, that's just for buying one booster.

Maybe you should too.

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