Free komiks in Web Komiks!

With the onslaught of e-anything (e-books, e-cards, e-girlfriends...), it seems that e-comics is all but an inevitability.

And a group of people are doing just that. But not just e-comics...more like web komiks.

Komiks is a Filipino term for comic strips or comic books, and the Philippines has a rich history in this art form. Now this art form gets rejuvenated in the world wide web, particularly with this new site Web Komiks.

Web Komiks is a website that offers free online comic books for everyone, from strips to full stories encompassing popular genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comedy. At the upper left corner you can click on a genre you want to look at and it will take you to a page containing all the titles/stories currently in stock. From there you can just click on the story you want to read and voila! Amazingly rendered and written web komiks, written and drawn by well-known Filipino komiks illustrators and writers. And have I already told you its free?

Not to mention the artist and writer's profiles reads like a who's who in the Filipino komiks industry (I've only heard of some of them, but their credentials are particularly stellar). It's nice to see that there are people still enamored with the komiks culture and continue to make it grow. Every time I see the artwork and the stories there it takes me back to the old komiks my grandparents had when I was a kid.

It's already gaining a fan following even with its initial offerings. We still don't know when the next installments and the next waves of stories will come next, but I really wish these guys the best and hope they update soon!

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