Dark Lich's Linkblog...Tuesday Edition!

I love linkblogging, even though I've never done it before. I love to URL dive and to search the web for tidbits about stuff you and I love. I hope this gets you through the day!

- D & D Miniatures is still going strong, and a new set is already underway called Demonweb. Spoilers for the set can be seen here and here.

- Marvel plans on releasing a sequel to Marvels, with original writer Kurt Busiek writing and our very own Jay Anacleto on art duties. More on that and the FAN EXPO being held in Toronto in this article courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

- Comic book artist/writer Gerry Alanguilan says what's on his mind about the Anti-Obscenity bill being reviewed. To be honest, the bill is pretty ludicrous, but let Gerry tell you exactly why.

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