COMIC NEWS: The 1st Manila Comic Convention

I was supposed to blog about comic book conventions in the Philippines but it seems that the local blogs have already been buzzing about the upcoming convention that boasts of going "where no other comic convention has dared", which is the 1st Manila Comic Con.

A pretty big boast, considering that I can count with one hand the comic book conventions that have ever been held here (the annual Komikon comes to mind) and they’ve been mostly just toy/comic book bazaars slash exhibits along with the prerequisite cosplay contest like any other convention. I’m sure local comic fans have been clamoring for a comic book convention not unlike some of the popular ones like the San Diego Comic Con and Wizard World (which are held in the States, so unless you’re already in the States or have money to go there, being in those conventions is just a pipe dream). You know…comic books, big name talent as special guests, discussion panels on the business, the art, the celebration of the medium we all love?

Anyway, I'm excited but I won't hold my breath. I'll pass judgment when more info is available. For now, if you want to know the progress, along with the official press release, just click on the links below.

Manila Comic Convention (Yahoo!Groups)
Manila Comic Con official website

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