Another day, another blog?

Okay, now you would notice that I've been setting up my blog to be as efficient as it can be. I'm as excited as heck right now and it shows in the way I'm still awake right now at 2 AM trying to make the choice of making a new blog or renaming my existing one (which is, of course, Think Happy Thoughts) into something more comics appropriate.

Jumping into the comic book blog fanwagon without a parachute!

I want to make a new blog but I don't want to lose the history and the momentum I've been building up these past couple of months. If I just rename Think Happy Thoughts I don't lose the history, but my 4 ON THE FLOOR celebration will be thrown out of whack.

See what being giddy with coffee and comics can make you do?

More on this breaking development in a couple of days. I want to make this as perfect as possible. And when you're channeling your inner Virgo, you won't exactly settle for anything less.

Where's Chuck Norris when you need him?

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