4 ON THE FLOOR Week 5: Teenagers...

4 ON THE FLOOR is a weekly look at the history of the Dark Lich's blog, what's happened since then, and whether people still read his blog. All of it in celebration of the 4th anniversary of Think Happy Thoughts.

I’ll just keep it brief for you guys.

I was 21, she was 13. She liked me, I liked her, I said I love you, she said I love you too, but in the end I was the one who was saying it from the heart while she was just saying it coz it, like, sounded, like, really cute.

Okay, so I really can’t just explain what happened between us in such a short gist like that. But in any case, just don’t fall in love with a teenager.

What you're saying vs. what they hear

Did I just make sense there? Apparently not, but I guess back then I didn’t make sense to her either. Hers is all about the new and trendy and hip and guapo, while mine is all established and tested and old. And when she met someone more interesting than me…

The sound of a dropping hat never sounded so loud.

And yes, I tried to stick something about comics in this post. I’m clever that way. Or not.

Things will start to get scarier (and I do mean hell raising scarier) on our road to the 4th anniversary of Think Happy Thoughts! I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has experienced something as unique as the little story I just told you, but if you’re out there and want to share, leaving a comment is free!

Thanks for reading!

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