Three Words: Giant. Cardboard. Tyrannosaur.

The madman has done it again.

Taiwanese paper sculptor Kai-Xiang Zhong finished his latest masterpiece: a giant cardboard sculpture of a Yutyrannus, a feathered tyrannosaur!

From Kai-Xiang Zhong's FB page.

Standing seven feet tall and spanning over 16 feet in length, this colossal creature of the Cretaceous is made entirely of glue and corrugated cardboard! As a huge dinosaur fan, this is blowing my mind

From Kai-Xiang Zhong's FB page.

A massive feat of ingenuity and creativity that can only come from the hands of a dude like Zhong, who last caught my attention when he made that awesome Godzilla cardboard sculpture. If I were a rich man, I'd want a cardboard tyrannosaurus in my living room!

Zhong's Yutyrannus sculpture is now on display at the Tainan City Zuojhen Fossil Park in Taiwan. 

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