Marvel Legends Deluxe Infinity Gauntlet Thanos Figure Review

 Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos figure snapping its fingers

Having COVID sucks. I've spent the last few weeks shivering in bed, miserable as all get out. Fortunately for me, I've only gotten mild symptoms and am on my way, hopefully, to a full recovery. It was during that delirious first week that a shining light of hope came in the mail for me: the new Marvel Legends Deluxe Infinity Gauntlet Thanos! And I promised myself that I'd get well enough so I can review this gorgeous fig.

Fast forward to today, and I'm up and about and ready to review my most-anticipated figure of the year!

I'm saying this right now: this is the best-looking 6-inch Thanos figure we've gotten so far. The sculpting is amazing and comic accurate, the proportions are aesthetically pleasing, and the colors pop like nothing you've seen before.

Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos front view
Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos back view

Comparing it to the previous "comic-accurate" WalMart exclusive Thanos doesn't do any of them any favors. I feel that both have their strengths and weaknesses and both have a place in your Thanos displays. But putting them side by side, Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos has just enough positives to push it to the front of the pack!

Side-by-side comparison of Thanos action figures

Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos is a big, beefy boy. From his barrel chest to his tree trunk legs and feet, Thanos cuts an imposing figure, and rightfully so. Just playing with the figure for my review and I'm already imagining how he'd look as the centerpiece to an Infinity Gauntlet display!

Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos feet
Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos blue armor

Unfortunately, as good-looking as it is, Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos suffers a bit in the articulation department. The 50-inch pythons on his arms don't have a satisfying range of motion, and the "skirt" (don't let him catch you calling it that!) on his costume hinders what little leg articulation he has. An ab crunch, waist swivel, and some good ankle pivot rounds out the rest of his articulation, so even with the bare minimum, you can pose Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos as best you can.

Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos posing with clenched fists
Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos kicking pose

Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos comes with some relevant accessories (and a weird one). Of course, this being the Infinity Gauntlet version of the Mad Titan, the figure comes with swappable hands studded with the legendary Infinity Gems! One is a grasping hand for random head-squeezing poses, the other is sculpted in the classic "snapping fingers" pose! Finally, a comic Thanos that can actually snap!

Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet
Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos snapping fingers

His final accessory is a head depicting "King Thanos," apparently a version of Thanos from the far-flung future. Having never read the comics this head is based on, I have no strong feelings for it, but I wish Hasbro used the plastic for this to make an alternate headsculpt for Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos instead. A stern face or an angry face would have pushed the display potential of this figure through the roof!

Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos alternate headsculpt

Despite its flaws, there's no denying that this is the best Thanos action figure to date. Capturing the Mad Titan's imposing visage in such a good-looking figure and packed with just the right accessories, Marvel Legends Deluxe Infinity Gauntlet Thanos is a must-have for any comic figure collector. I'd bet this figure will be in a lot of people's Toy of the Year list, because it just made mine!

Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos facing off against Captain America

I hope you found this review helpful. Let me know what you think of this fig in the comments! Thanks for reading, and remember to mask up and don't wait until Thanos snaps half of all life on earth to consider social distancing!

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