Four Youtube Channels to Binge on While in Lockdown

The global lockdown due to the pandemic has stopped the world dead in its tracks. I've been pretty restless since this entire thing began, but thankfully I have Youtube to provide me with not just hours of entertainment, but educational value as well. If you've got the 'Nets and you've got a browser or the Youtube app, here are some of the stuff I've been watching to take my mind off of this hellhole of a 2020, and maybe they'll help keep you indoors. You know, like you're supposed to.


Basics with Babish and Binging with Babish has taught me more about cooking these past few weeks than a lifetime of just knowing how to cook adobo and frying galunggong. Funny what lots of free time can do, huh? I learned how to cook gumbo, french onion soup, sear steaks and more from the man, and his ceremonious aesthetic is right up my anxiety-riddled alley.

FILMENTO - Movie Reviews, Film Discussion

I love talking about how films are made and how they work, and Filmento scratches that itch like nothing else. He carefully deconstructs how a movie fails or succeeds in a logical and satisfying way, so much so that it makes you wonder why filmmakers didn't do them in the first place. Watch his videos and come out of this pandemic with a better grasp at story writing without even paying for a Masterclass.

SHIEY - #IllegalFreedom, Urban Exploration, Music

The lockdown prevents people from coming out of the house, so what better way to spend the indoors than by living vicariously through people like Shiey? Don't let the slender Eastern European model look fool you, the dude has a megaton of balls. He advocates #IllegalFreedom, loves train surfing and dodging cops, walked all the way to Chernobyl, sneaks into underground bunkers with no regard for personal safety, AND does music on the side. How much time does one man have? Caught him in my Youtube recommendations and I haven't stopped watching since.

CRACKING THE CRYPTIC - Sudoku solving, tips and tricks

Who knew sudoku is this damn fun? I've been watching Cracking the Cryptic since this lockdown began and their enthusiasm and geeking out over sudoku puzzles is so damn infectious. Watch them crack impossible sudoku problems in under 20 minutes and find yourself getting smarter by immersion.

What are your favorite Youtube channels to watch during these interesting times? Tell me in the comments below! Enjoy!

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