SH FIGUARTS WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin Toy Review

How lucky we are to be alive right now, to live in a time when we have the near-perfect toy of a certain mudhole-stomping, beer-swilling, tough-talking sumbitch!

Finally, in my hands is a dream toy of mine. I'm talking about the newly-released S.H. Figuarts "Stone Cold" Steve Austin figure from Bandai, which I'll be reviewing today!

First off, I love the box the new Figuarts toys come in. More compact than previous releases, it makes for easy storage. And if you're a collector, Stone Cold Steve Austin's glaring mug is right at the plastic window for you to peruse at your leisure.

But a fig like this doesn't like being boxed in. Let's take a look at the figure itself!

Standing at 6 inches tall, S.H. Figuarts Stone Cold Steve Austin might be a smidge out of place amidst your Mattel WWE figures, but it more than makes up for it in aesthetics. The detail on this figure is amazing. The sculpt looks a bit soft, but there's no denying that this is the Texas Rattlesnake in toy form. It even has his patented knee braces! Even better, they're also functional, meaning you can adjust the braces for your posing needs. What?!

Stone Cold uses the standard S.H. Figuarts articulation to good effect, so he gets to do a lot of the moves your favorite wrestler is known for. Finally, you have a Stone Cold toy that can do a proper Stone Cold Stunner and look good doing it!

The joints are smooth and tight and holds poses well, though mine has a hip joint that's tight as all hell. It's not exactly something you can look out for, but I guess I just have to be careful; many a tight joint has snapped in my careless hands.

S.H. Figuarts Stone Cold comes with a lot of cool accessories, aside from his entrance vest thingy, including not one, not two, but three extra heads, portraying an emotion the Texas Rattlesnake is known to do! From the screaming face to a sideways glancing face that says "You are this close to gettin' your ass whupped", there is an emotive Stone Cold face that fits your every need.

Of course, Stone Cold ain't Stone Cold without brewskies, and I'm glad Bandai graciously supplied his S.H. Figuarts toy with two cans of beer for him to swig. The pouring beer effect is a tad cartoonish for my taste, though. Wouldn't a translucent pour be better?

As a huge Steve Austin fan growing up, I'm glad I live in a time when we're capable of creating a toy that gives justice to the person it represents. S.H. Figuarts Stone Cold Steve Austin is the type of figure that will see a lot of play and may just be the crowning jewel of any 6" Stone Cold toy collection.

So get this toy while you can, coz Behold the Geek says so. *glass shatters*

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