Wrestlemania Lives in this Lucky Me! Pancit Canton TVC

Local ads have been a jingle-heavy bore fest for the past few years, but the latest ad for Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Chilimansi blows them all away with 24-inch pythons!

Dressing up Edu and Luis Manzano as pastiches of Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior, respectively, Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Chilimansi lovingly recreates the nostalgic feeling of one of professional wrestling's greatest matches to sell us the fact that Chilimansi is a match made in heaven. The whole thing is amazing; it's like Wrestlemania VI but with pancit canton...they even got frikki'n Carlos "Sonny" Padilla Jr. to referee! Kudos to the creative director and everybody involved in this project. More like this please.

Watch and learn, advertisers. This is how you make a commercial to remember.

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