LINKIN PARK Invades Your Desk with (Expensive) 3D-Printed Figures!

Ever wanted to just shrink down Linkin Park and display them on your desk? Thanks to a German company called Staramba, that eerily-specific dream will soon become reality!

Touting themselves as the "Home of the Stars", Staramba is testing the waters of the 3D-printed figure market with a doozy of a deal: all the members of Linkin Park in photo-realistic 1:20 scale!

This mini-Linkin Park diorama contains 3D figures printed on strong polymer clay and feature eerily photo-realistic likenesses of Chester, Mike, Phoenix, Brad, Rob and Mr. Hahn in 1:20 scale (a little below 4 inches, if my math is correct). In case you were wondering, the real Linkin Park was indeed scanned from head-to-toe to produce these figures, so you know you're getting the real deal. Each figure costs $59, with the whole thing (the whole band + diorama) costing $295.

If you think that's expensive, Staramba is even offering each separate Linkin Park band member in a whopping 1:5 scale (that's more than a foot in height!) for an even whopping price of $499 per figure! That's a major load of dosh for these types of figures, but until 3D printing finds a way to produce stuff more cheaply, this is as low as it can go. And hey, your very own Linkin Park to display on your desk and swoon over!

Needless to say, this is a must-have for any Linkin Park fan. But that price point, I'll just leave it to the more die-hard ones to get. You can pre-order these Linkin Park figures at Staramba's website.

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