NBC's Constantine Trailer: DC Doing Something Right?

NBC just unveiled their first trailer of Constantine, based on DC Comics' popular mystic and star of the Hellblazer comics, and I am blown away.

I'm not blown away by its awesomeness (I've been burned by first impressions before), but by the fact that DC has gone out of their way to make John Constantine look like, well, John Constantine. No "updating for modern audiences", no "let's make him American coz focus groups" shit. The dude has the trench, the hair and the swagger Constantine is supposed to have. And he's British now! I'm surprised DC has so much restraint.

Even CW's Flash, another upcoming DC Comics-based superhero show, has Grant Gustin (Barry Allen in another CW series, Arrow) running around in an honest-to-goodness custom costume. With lightning ears. Even Marvel thought Captain America's wing ears looked silly.

Counting CW's Arrow, that's going to be three comic book-based TV shows with costumes close to the source material!

With the running joke (hee!) being that DC has this underlying cynicism about superheroes in their live-action properties,(or at least grounding them in reality too much as to make them unrecognizable), it's surprising to see that these TV shows are at least coming out with costumes that are pretty faithful to the comics they're based on. It's not much to make people start thinking that DC is gonna do fun comic book movies or TV shows now, but it's a start. DC is owning TV right now, and it feels pretty good.

We still won't get a Wonder Woman movie, though.

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