Figma Amazing Spider-Man Figure Review

What do you look for in a Spider-Man figure? Spectacular sculpt? Amazing articulation? Superior accessories? You're in luck, because Max Factory's Figma line has got your back.  Check out my review of Max Factory's first foray into the Marvel Universe in the form of Figma Spider-Man!

I admit, I've been a Figma fanboy for a while, and the news of Max Factory delving into a Marvel license made me as giddy as the schoolgirls they usually make. But more than anything, Spider-Man's extremely agile form was begging for the Figma articulation treatment, which brought me to get

Figma Spider-Man here is based on Andrew Garfield's look in The Amazing Spider-Man movie, and it does looks amazing, with a well-proportioned sculpt that nails the high-school kid in home-made spandex tights look. I love the color and texture of the entire thing, and I especially love the eyes, all shiny and with a hint of orange just like in the movie!

Max Factory replicated the Amazing Spider-Man outfit in miniature as best they could, with a sort of dimpled texture and metallic paintjob that captures the movie look well, though it looks a bit too cartoonish upon closer inspection. But hey, the blingy look makes the whole figure pop, making him stand out against all the Spider-Man figures out there.

While that's all well and good, wait till you see him move.

It seems Spider-Man was born to be a Figma. With the smooth and superb articulation archetype of Figma, Spidey here can be posed to run, jump, crouch, fly and basically do whatever a spider can and THEN some. It's a lot of fun posing Figma Spider-Man, simply because it looks so natural once you've posed him just right!

Hey, if Kamen Rider can do it, so can he.

I wish Max Factory could have gone with joints that matched the color of his costume, though. As it is, the deep blue joints come off looking weird when out in the open.

Figma usually doesn't scrimp in the accessory department, and Spider-Man here is no exception. Aside from the prerequisite Figma stand and extra hands, he comes with some pretty cool accessories he's actually seen using in the movie!

He comes with the blue backpack he's seen carrying around the first time he started out as Spider-Man. It's made of soft plastic and easy to put on the figure, and is probably a good fit on other Figma as well.

There's also two clear plastic 'web strings' that you can attach to his hand pegs to simulate him using his web shooters. One is shorter than the other, and they look pretty cool in action, if not a tad comically large.

And last, but not least, is a teeny-tiny smartphone! Yes, the one Aunt May calls to tell Peter to buy organic eggs, in a size smaller than your pinky's nail! When it comes to miniature stuff, the Japanese have no equal!


It's a separate piece, and comes with a specially-made hand to use it with. Yes, Figma Spider-Man is able to take his own selfie!

Figma Spider-Man may look too shiny and texture-y, but it's still a damn good representation of the web-crawler's latest movie iteration (latest, that is, until The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters later this year). Cool accessories (dat smartphone), awesome sculpt and even more awesome articulation make this Spider-Man a lot of fun to play with and a worthy addition to any collection.

Spider-Man fans have it good these past few years, with lots of action figures of the wall-crawler to choose from. If you're looking for a mid-range priced figure that does the name Spider-Man proud, you can't go wrong with Figma's take on ol' Web-head!

I hope you found this review helpful, and I hope you had fun reading it as much as I did writing it! Which Spider-Man figure is your favorite? Hit me up in the comments section below and let's talk about it. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice review and awesome photo shots (!!) that make Figma proud.
    I got my spidey these days and - although I like the unrivaled poseability - there are some complaints:
    - the throat looks just too bulky
    - that head pops off so easily
    - is that a hunchback or what?
    - he´s soooo shiny
    - the figure in all is so very small; my other Figmas are so much bigger

    1. Just got one, and yeah, that head joint sucks. Also, the hunchback seems to be a common problem with figures in this particular costume; the 3 3/4 Hasbro version has the neck coming out practically horizontal.