The Thor: The Dark World Hot Toys is Godly

Hot Toys, they of the obscenely beautiful and obscenely expensive 1/6th scale figures, just released preview pics of their latest Movie Masterpiece: the mighty Thor as seen in Marvel's latest film Thor: The Dark World!

My god, look at this thing. Spitting image of Chris Hemsworth as seen in Thor: The Dark World? Check! Spiffy new costume? Check! Highly-collectible piece of movie memorabilia that few can afford? Check, check, check!

Chris Hemsworth fans (and fangirls...I see you, girl) are probably looking to lay down some sweet cash needed to bring this mini-Hemsworth home. As for me? I'm REALLY tempted, but since I already own the Avengers version of Thor, I'm on the fence. But damn does this Hot Toys figure look sweet.

Check out more hi-res pics over at the Hot Toys official page.

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