Transformers Generations Springer Toy Review

I've reviewed a lot of Transformers in this blog, but I haven't come across a toy that takes the phrase 'more bang for your buck' to a whole new level.

Read on to find out what I thought about Transformers Generations Springer!

Springer here is a Triple Changer, a special class of Transformer that can transform into three different modes. That's three toys in one! For 80's kids, that must have been mind-blowing!

But in recent times, the art of the Triple Changer has been all but lost, what with the recent cost-cutting measures that has resulted in the smaller, simpler Transformers we've been seeing as of late (I'm looking at you, Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime...). So color me surprised when Hasbro announced the return of the Triple Changer...can they really pull off these complicated and classic toys  today?

The answer is yes. Yes, they evidenced by the Transformers Generations Springer that I'll be reviewing today!

Aside from his robot mode, Springer can convert into a car and a helicopter. But let's take a look at the robot mode first!

By Primus, that is one sexy beast. I have to say, Hasbro outdid themselves. Springer is one of the better-sculpted, better-proportioned, and overall better-looking 'bots to come out of the Generations line. Just look at it, people!

Not only that, but packed with articulation. Springer can move in all the right places, including the oh-so-rare waist swivel! This results in a very expressive figure that can do a variety of poses. The dude can even do a convincing superkick!

Springer can transform into this wicked-looking armored car that looks like the Tumbler from Batman Begins. It's a pretty solid mode, and the transformation is easy if not for some parts not tabbing into place better.

We don't get a lot of Voyager-class cars these days, so I'm amused by how huge a car Springer is. Even Warpath goes limp beside this vehicular behemoth!

And there's something 'mean' about how he looks. But then again, this is Springer we're talking about. Even as a car, Springer looks like he can take on any Decepticon stupid enough to get in his way!

Converting Springer to his helicopter mode is a simple matter of squeezing both of his legs together to form the tail rotors, pushing his shoulders back while folding in his arms, and transforming his sword into his rotor blades.

Helicopter toys are awesome. It's the interactivity of the thing, spinning the rotor blades around and pretending to be on a strafing run against ground troops or whatever...and the hypnotic effect of just watching the blades spin, the movement a circular blur until the momentum stops...

But I digress. As much as Springer's helicopter mode doesn't look that far from his car mode, it's still a solid-looking toy. And hey, spinning rotor blades!

Springer here isn't short on accessories. He comes with a blaster cannon and sword, the weapons that the original Springer had! Each weapon has its own neat tricks. The blaster shoots two missiles (or one at a time, depending on how strong you push the hammer).

You can also peg the blaster into the hole on top of Springer's car mode to act as a mounted cannon. The peg is articulated, meaning you can point it up and down and around, allowing Springer to rain hell on Decepticons in all directions!

Springer also comes with a grey sword. The sword is quite ingenious in its wouldn't know it was Springer's sword or helicopter blades or vice versa. The sword can also peg into the blaster cannon to form what must be the most unwieldy bayonet ever designed.

It's been a while since I was last giddy about a toy! Articulated, accessorized and oozing with awesome, Transformers Generations Springer is a great update of a classic character, and a worthy addition into your Autobot collection!

He's out in toy stores in the Philippines and he's selling like gangbusters, along with his Decepticon wave-mate Blitzwing. If you see Springer, don't even hesitate to pick him up. He's worth every penny you pay for him and then some. He's that great.

I hope you enjoyed this little pictorial review of Transformers Generations Springer, and I hope you found the info useful! What did you think of the toy? Let's talk about it in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great review, looking forward to getting this guy. Sold both my previous Springers (Botcon and the green EVAC) in anticipation of this one.

    1. Welcome to the blog, Silverstreak!

      I hear you. A lot of people were waiting for a solid and faithful update to this Springer, and they weren't disappointed!