Webcomics I Love: Power Nap

There's nothing more important to the working man than a good night's sleep. Just ask Drew Spencer, the unfortunate star of this week's Webcomic I Love called Power Nap! (www.powernapcomic.com)

From the mind of Maritza Campos (writer) and Bachan (artist), Power Nap is set in this futuristic world, where a supplement called Z-Sup lets people stay awake 24/7. Here, sleep is literally for the weak. Unfortunately for office drone Drew, he's allergic to Z-Sup...and this fast-paced world, coupled with little sleep, is taking a toll on his sanity. From monstrous hallucinations to panic attacks magnified a hundred-fold, Drew slowly sinks into madness...until he discovers a strange alien world in-between the cracks!

Admit it, we've all been there. The sleepless nights trying to finish that one project to make the quota. The overtime slips piling on your desk together with your medicine bills. It's a dog-eat-dog out there, and that's the beauty of Power Nap...it shines a sick spotlight on our life habits, and you can't help but look, because more often than not they ain't pretty. 

That's not to say Power Nap is unpretty. Far from it. Bachan's art is amazing and dynamic, and his facial expressions are killer, making Maritza's punchlines all the more hilarious. I feel for this Drew guy, and I won't be surprised if you do too!

Equal parts funny and sobering, Power Nap is going places I can't wait to see. But enough of my yakking...go and read Power Nap, like, right now.

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