Webcomics I Love: Cucumber Quest

Are you a fan of cute and whimsical webcomics like me? Well, you better cuddle up because this week's Webcomic I Love has both cute and whimsical in dangerous amounts. I'm talking about the bunny-eared world of Cucumber Quest! (http://cucumber.gigidigi.com/)

Written and drawn by Gigi DG, Cucumber Quest is the story of Cucumber, the reluctant hero of Doughnut Kingdom. Together with his sister Almond, they're whisked away on a quest to save the world, fighting bad witches, nightmare knights and slimy sea creatures along the way!

Be warned: Cucumber Quest is adorable. It reads like the best children's book ever, thanks to Gigi DG's cute art and even cuter story. I'd be proud of having a physical copy of this on my shelf to read to my kids someday!

But why listen to me gush about it? Check out Cucumber Quest today!

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