Art Too Epic for Human Eyes Monday

Comic books have no shortage of epic imagery. I mean, it's got dudes who can run faster than the speed of light, push planets out of orbit, and  regularly tussle with anthropomorphic astral concepts. But one talented man somehow took all of that epicness, grabbed some pens and paints, and distilled it into imagery so awesome it would make Jack Kirby smile.

I'm talking about Italian illustrator Giorgio Comolo, who for the past few years has been churning out pieces of insane, Kirby-esque art like the opening pic above. While he's also drawn the Fantastic Four and Mr. Miracle, Marvel and DC's cosmic side seems to be his happy place, as his portfolio is chock full of drawings like Thanos facing off against Silver Surfer while knee-deep in robot corpses.

But even that's tame compared to what I consider to be the best picture on the internet...

Go ahead. Try to let all of that awesome sink in. But you can't. There's just too much.

Check out the gallery of his works here. Happy Monday!

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