My Week in Comics: Wolverine and the X-Men #7

The X-Men's got Brood inside, homicidal aliens outside, and are short on cash....Wolverine and the X-Men #7 isn't exactly a walk in the park for our favorite mutants. But you know what? Jason Aaron makes it look like it's a whole lot of fun!

Really, it is. Aaron shines when he's writing a story about the X-Men fighting the Brood inside Kitty Pride's pregnant body while Wolvie and Quentin Quire escape an intergalactic casino, and making you care that all of this is happening. I love that the good Brood stude called Broo and Quentin Quire got some nice character moments here, taking everything you think you know about these two characters and flipping them over its head. Never would I have considered myself a Quire fan, but there it is!

And in case it sounds too deep for you, Aaron's got two words for ya: psychic shotgun. 

But really, it's that ensemble feel to the book that makes Wolverine and the X-Men worth the $3.99 you're shelling out for it. It's got a ton of characters, each with their own personalities and quirks, but it won't make your head spin like a Beyblade.

Nick Bradshaw's art pulls no punches here. His work is amazingly detailed while having that accessible, comic-book style and feel, no doubt sold well by Justin Ponsor's colors. I haven't really looked at a comic book's art for quite a while now, but this art team is making me slow down and appreciate the scenery. Bradshaw's Broo is both cute and killer

Wolverine and the X-Men #7 is equal parts funny and smart with a sprinkling of awesome. It's been a while since these merry mutants had adventures that didn't involve genocide or drama, and Aaron and co. proved that fun still has a place in the X-Men. Highly recommended!

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