Victoria Court Has An Enterprise Room

Talk about giving a new meaning to "Full speed, Mr. Sulu...".

Victoria Court, they of the shushing logo and the dead-of-night check-ins, revealed pictures of their brand-new Enterprise room. A name as auspicious as it sounds, because Victoria Court basically made an homage to the bridge of the USS Enterprise, complete with a Captain's chair and those cutaway view screens of the Enterprise's schematics!

Of course, this being a motel, there's also a super-sized bed and private Jacuzzi in case you want to make like Captain James T. Kirk and mack on sexy alien ladies in the privacy of your own Enterprise bridge. Suddenly, I could hear thousands of Filipino Trekkies scrambling to spend a night with their special someone in here. The roleplay possibilities are endless!

Check out more pictures at Victoria Court's Facebook fanpage.

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