My Week in Comics: October 28, 2011

Witches and ghosts and (dare)devils invade my comics this week! What did I get myself into? Read on to find out!

For a book with Zatanna and Constantine on the cover, Justice League Dark #2 is a Deadman-centric issue. Peter Milligan makes Deadman out as a dude who just wants some lovin' from his girlfriend Dawn Granger (aka the superhero Dove), even if it means going about it the wrong way. The very wrong way. Oh, and Zatanna and Constantine trance themselves out to battle Enchantress where it hurts. Slow day for JL Dark.

I was hoping it could pick up the pace a bit after a pretty eventful first issue. I didn't see what Deadman's intimacy problems had anything to do with the problem at hand, what with people currently being attacked by tornadoes of rotten witch's teeth and murderous hardcover books. I was ready for some heroics already, but alas I was denied.

At least the art was nice. Mikel Janin's work here is a slight improvement over the last issue. Add to that a shocking revelation that could turn this whole shindig inside out and we're looking at book that's a little below average, but not bad.. This gets a 2.5 out of 5.

With Drake Sinclair gone MIA, his friend Gord Cantrell takes the reigns in The Sixth Gun #16. Gord is reminded of his gruesome past, while Becky Montcrief discovers something not quite right about the Sword of Abraham! When you can trust no one, who do you trust?

This whole story arc is a bit subdued, and the history of the Six Guns isn't exactly clear yet, but given Cullen Bunn's stellar  track record with this book so far, I trust him to take this someplace interesting. There are a few interesting revelations, like Gord's ties with the big bad General Hume, and some newly-discovered powers of the Sixth Gun in Becky's possession, which I love. Brian Hurtt is back doing what he does best, which is drawing the world of The Sixth Gun the only way he can: splendidly. I adore his artwork, and here's hoping he sees this book till the end.

The Sixth Gun #16 is par for the course, but what a course it is. This gets a 3.5 out of 5.

Daredevil is sitting pretty again as my comic of the week, and for good reason. Daredevil #5 is awesome.

I can't reiterate how fun Daredevil is. You want intrigue? Here's a HYDRA conspiracy for you. Want danger? It's Matt Murdock (who is blind by the way, in case you forget) and his blind client Austin Cao versus a special ops team with guns in THE DARK! Want Daredevil go mano-a-mano with a supervillain? A big one is coming this way, and it's not looking good for the Man Without Fear!

This is a smart and fun book, hands down. Mark Waid is taking Daredevil to brand new directions without sacrificing or changing anything else about the Man Without Fear. It's also pretty educational. If you ever wanted to know how smuggling works and how supercrime organizations like HYDRA and AIM use it, read this book. If you ever wanted to know how to vividly recall memories you thought long lost, read this book. If you want to see Matt Murdock beat up spec-ops soldiers with a cane and a smile, read this freakin' book!

Marcos Martin's art is as amazing as ever. It's not everyday you get an artist that delivers as much, if not more, creativity as the story he's drawing for. His work is clean and fun to look at, and it meshes well with Waid's story, turning this issue into a one-two punch of comic book awesomeness you don't see in comic books very often.

If you're not buying Daredevil yet, consider yourself warned: you're missing out on some unadulterated comic book fun. This gets a 4 out of 5. Pick this up now!

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Wow! It's a pretty amazing week for comics so far! Got any comments? Suggestions? Want to ask yourself why you aren't picking up Daredevil or The Sixth Gun yet? Leave me a comment below and let's talk about it! Thanks for reading!

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