Guest Post Week: A Not-So-Geek’s Geekiest Moment

Our next guest post comes from Edz from She's a prolific writer who has written for magazines ("which you have to scour bookstores to find"), books (which she'll finish once she gets around it), and comics here in the Philippines. Today she talks about her not-so-geeky moment that might just be the geekiest moment anyone could ever have!


When Behold the Geek! asked me to guest blog about my geekiest moment, I was like “Eh?” I don’t even know what a geek is. I don’t know if being called a geek is actually a good thing. And I sure as hell don’t know if there is something in my whole library of experiences that could be considered a geeky moment.

After a short chat with The Geek about the definition of a geeky moment (which all but composed of three to four lines of text), I finally came up with one.

It was over a year ago when I went to the Komikon Summer de Avance at the UP Bahay ng Alumni. I’m not too much of a comics fan but since my friends, the Bayan Knights, are going to be there, I decided to drop by and pick up a few of their titles as well.

Most Filipino comics fans will probably have read, seen, or at least heard about Culture Crash Comics. After Funny Komiks (and I can attest that you are NOT a true Pinoy comics fan if you don’t know Funny), C3 is my comics of choice – one that I patiently waited to appear in the shelves of National Bookstore. I do admit that for a high school girl who went to a Christian school, reading comics is a bit weird. Or geeky.

Now let me tell you that during those years, I was in a serious phase of “I-want-to-write-my-own-novel-slash-story”. Stories kept brewing up inside head and several more ideas kept overtaking each other that I couldn’t formulate a streamlined enough concept to begin with.

When I first saw PASIG, a dystopic, post-apocalyptic story plotted in the titular city, I was in comics-cloud-nine. PASIG had everything I wanted in my own story – cool weapons and a whole lot of fight scenes; a futuristic society; a twisted love plot (I *am* a girl after all); a strong heroine that can kick ass; and an enigmatic hero that can kick even more ass. For my fourteen-year-old self, PASIG was perfection.

I was sorely disappointed when they cut C3 short a few years later, around 2005. Luckily, Taga-Ilog, PASIG’s artist and writer, decided to take the web and indie comic route and my PASIG fix was back on.

You can imagine my surprise when, as I was walking around (the UP Bahay ng Alumni) and looking at all things geeky, I saw a stack of yellow sitting on a table. I squealed – “PASIIIIIIIIIIIIIG!” – then clapped my hands over my mouth when I saw Taga-Ilog himself sitting behind the table. His lips turned up into a small smile and he immediately pulled a copy to sign. “Ano pong pangalan n’yo miss?” (Miss, what's your name?)

So I told him my name, he signed my copy, and I made a noise that sounded like “Auuuuuwwwwwrrr!” – like a self-satisfied cat, loud enough that Taga-Ilog could hear and he smiled that half-amused, half-bemused smile again. I realize that his message was probably the same as everyone else’s but I didn’t care.

I was happily living in my geeky moment.

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