Transformers: Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Ironhide Review

Ever had a toy surprise you? A toy that didn't look like much at first glance. It may have been different, smaller than you'd like, or not enough doohickeys connected to it. But once you got it on hand and played around with it? Bam. You're hooked.

Welcome to the story of me and Cyberverse Commander Ironhide.

The Transformers: Dark of the Moon toyline introduced a new sub-line to its ranks called Cyberverse, which is basically the Legends-class toys re-branded into a more coherent and standalone line. Before, Legends-class figures were just spit out to satisfy a cheaper price point, but now they're a line all their own with action sets and play sets that just boosted their playability and collectability by leaps and bounds!

Ironhide here is classified as a Commander in Cyberverse, which is bigger and has more articulation than its smaller counterpart, the Legion Class. That's another blog post altogether...I'm here to tell you that Cyberverse Ironhide is amazing.

Legends-class toys are usually under-articulated little toys, the most basic representations of Transformers. Ironhide here (and most of the Commander-class toys) breaks that mold. For something so small, Ironhide looks awesome.

His sculpt is detailed for something this size (the dude's like 3 inches tall), and Hasbro's solution to Ironhide's split chest is clever. He's just molded in grey and black plastic, with minor but sharp paint apps on his face and body. Everything about him screams movie Ironhide, more so than his larger toys!

Ironhide has enough articulation to do all sorts of cool poses like running, kicking or aiming at goons with both guns akimbo. Be careful though, since most of his joints are ball joints and they tend to pop off due to its small size. His shoulders in particular love to do that if you pose him wrong, since due to the way he transforms the ball joints in his shoulders aim backwards. Good if you want to display him constantly puffing his chest, not so good when you want to pose him with arms raised in front of him.

Do it just right, though, and it's magic.

One thing I've lamented is that the toys never got movie Ironhide's arm cannons right. Either he's got none, or he's got this stupid huge one. Cyberverse Ironhide is the only Ironhide I've seen with two movie-accurate cannons! They're just molded in grey, but the sculpts are fantastic, and the barrel on one of them even spins just like in the movies!

The cannons have pegs you can stick into the holes in both his forearms. Or better yet, combine them into this BFG by plugging both cannons together. Finally, Ironhide can bust up Decepticons with his complete signature arsenal!

Hey, let's check out that sweet alt mode.

Ironhide converts into a nicely detailed miniature GMC Topkick. The detail is amazing, especially Ironhide's front grill with the finely sculpted GMC logo and his Road Armor bumper. Why did I call it Road Armor? It's the brand, and it's actually sculpted on there in miniature! How's that for detail?

Most of Ironhide's robot mode is under the truck, though, but he rolls on flat surfaces easily. Just don't make him drive over humps, okay?

Finally, you can take Ironhide's cannons and stick it into holes on the sides or on the roof or on the c-joint bar at the back to turn him into a the meanest flatbed truck to ever roll out the highway!

The Cyberverse toys just breathed new life to the Legends size class. Cyberverse Commander Ironhide may have his flaws (he can't turn his head, and the ball joints tend to be on the loose side), but the sheer fun factor of a pocket-sized, articulated movie Ironhide with dual cannons more than makes up for it.

The Cyberverse Commanders are 550Php a pop here in Manila, which is a lot to pay for a 3-inch toy. But Ironhide's an exception...we may never have something this fun again.

I hope you found this review helpful! Think Cyberverse is the next best thing? Think it's not? Leave me a comment below and let's talk about it. Thanks for reading!

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