Webcomics I Love: Doctor Cat

I'm just going to get personal here for a moment...because today is my girlfriend's birthday! Happy Birthday, sweetie! To comemmorate this momentous occasion, all this month I will be featuring webcomics about a subject near and dear to both our hearts: cats!

Yes, cats. Those frisky, furry felines will be the subject of this month's series of Webcomics I Love, and we'll be starting off with what is probably the most adorable cat webcomic I have ever seen: Doctor Cat! (http://doctorcatmd.com)

Doctor Cat is the brainchild of a certain Sarah Sobole, and it's about a doctor who happens to be a cat, and all the hilarity that entails. It runs pretty much how you'd expect a comic like this to run, but for me, it's selling point is the mind-numbingly adorable art. You'd be hard-pressed to find a cuter-looking cat comic like this, aside from Neko Ramen. Seriously. I'd buy a shirt if I had the money.

It's just starting out, but I predict this will be pretty much aces. So go read and bookmark Doctor Cat right now!

Don't open this at work though, or you'll get a memo for squeeing too loud.

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  1. Aw, thank you for featuring Doctor Cat! ...and I just realized that I forgot to color in his ear there. D'oh. :(

  2. Welcome to the blog, Sarah! And no, thank you for making a webcomic like this! :D Keep up the good work!