Transformers: Generations Warpath Review

There's two things I know for sure. One: Tanks are awesome. and Two: robots are awesome. Which makes tanks that turn into robots a double dose of concentrated awesomeness that leaves me frothing at the mouth. Case in point: Warpath, the latest addition to the Transformers: Generations lineup whom I will be reviewing today!

Let's start with his alt-mode!

Warpath converts into a futuristic-looking maroon tank. He's a proper tank, with a turret that turns the full 360 and a barrel that can point up and down. Even Megatron can't do that!

He's also got a spring-loaded missile launcher that deploys this really long red missile. There's no angle where it doesn't look ridiculous, but it can go the distance for such a small spring. Since it's small, grown-ups like me will have trouble getting the thing to fire. But hey, firing missile!

Warpath hasn't even fired a single shell and he's already loud, thanks to some cleverly-written onomatopoeia disguised as body numbers on his armor. KAPOW AND ZOWEEE are some of the words Warpath likes to pepper onto his everyday conversations in the Transformers cartoons. He's funny like that.

Let's see what Warpath looks like in robot mode. Go ahead, you can do the transforming noise. I know you want to. :)

Now that's one big, burly, badass robot. I love his maroon colors and the sharp silver of his tank treads and the amount of firepower he's packing. You don't mess with a robot like Warpath, you just don't.

His transformation is simple, so he's got a pretty solid robot mode. The barrel can be pushed into or extended from his chest when you transform him, so you can choose the length of his barrel to suit your tastes. That does not sound dirty at all.

He's pretty limber for a warmongering robot that turns into a tank! Kids can go crazy posing and playing with this guy without breaking him.

I didn't expect Warpath to come out as a new Deluxe toy in Transformers: Generations, but he's a welcome addition to any Transformers collection. Badass tank mode, a robot mode with lots of character, all in one neat package.

He's already out in toy stores, and he's pretty plentiful. Grab one before he's gone!

I hope you enjoyed this little review. If you've got more thoughts on Warpath here, leave a comment below and let's talk about it. Thanks for reading!

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