Sorry for the lack of meaningful content these past few days. The comics aren't coming in, and real-life work is taking its toll on me. Rest assured I'll be posting more stuff here in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, let's check out some of the news coming in!

So you won't be seeing a Sandman TV series anytime soon, "for a lot of varying reasons". I dig Sandman and while I'm excited to see this series adapted into TV, it may be just as well, as a Sandman TV show would highly benefit from TVs broadcasting in four dimensions, which unfortunately hasn't been invented yet.

HeroClix's latest expansion, Giant Size X-Men, comes out on March 16, which is tomorrow! Oh happy day! I've been looking at the previews for a while now and everything is just bitchin', especially this wicked-looking Magneto! It almost makes me want to play again. Almost.

Man, Mars Needs Moms must suck so damn hard, because now that Yellow Submarine remake by Robert Zemeckis might not be made! But the question lingering in my mind is: who wants a Yellow Submarine remake?

There's no such thing as too many screenshots of Sucker Punch, so here's 45 more!

On a more BtG!-related note, during a bout of hunger-induced craziness, I've bought myself a sketchpad. Which means I'm drawing again! For those who don't know, before I knew my way with words, I was an artist first. I'm thinking of posting some stuff I'll be drawing soon. Surgeon General's warning: I suck.

So, how's your year so far?

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