Webcomics I Love: The Secret Knots

In my recent stumbles around the internet, I came across this really peculiar webcomic called The Secret Knots.

A webcomic by artist Juan Santapau, The Secret Knots is a collection of single-page comics about a wide variety of themes, from loss to love to the stories hidden beneath the cracks of consciousness wrapped up in a very artful package. In short, it's really good.

I love these sorts of melancholy and weird stories, and Santapau's gorgeous art just complements them and brings them to life like no one else can. Seriously, somebody give this guy a job in comics! This is the kind of stuff that really gets my interests piqued.

If moody, surreal stories isn't in your plate today, steer clear of this. But if you have the time to really dig in, give The Secret Knots a try!

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