My Week in Comics: The Flash #9

"The Road to Flashpoint!" shouts the header to The Flash #9. Another event is in the horizon for the Scarlet Speedster!

We see little of Flash in this ish, focusing instead on Barry Allen and his work on the field as a forensic examiner. When a dead body of a super turns up on his watch, he gets to display the skills he already had before he was turned to this super-fast dude.

Having never read a single Barry Allen Flash series in my life, only knowing the general trivia surrounding him, it's a neat little extra to see him actually work. In a world where superheroes seem to wear their tights 24/7, this issue is a refreshing sight to see.

Of course, this being a Flashpoint tie-in, you'll be looking for some sort of payoff, which writer Geoff Johns provides in a fun but altogether predictable surprise in the revelation of Hot Pursuit's identity. I kind of had a nagging feeling about the identity of the motorbiking badass before, but I was really hoping I was wrong because it would have been (in my opinion) so easy to guess.

The art team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellatto brings everything together nicely with pencils and colors that just jive with what I really want in a comic. Manapul's art is dynamic (and cleaner this time around!) and Buccellatto's colors make everything pop.

From the looks of it, I'll be saddled with a Flash that's gonna be the center of a major comics event that I don't particularly care for. As it is, it's a good enough done-in-one. This get's a 3 out of 5.

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