I Love Spoilers

A couple of weeks ago, Fantastic Four #587 was building up hype with a simple premise: one of the Fantastic Four will die. The buzz was electrifying, and comic book fans were plugging their ears and avoiding the net like the plague to avoid knowing who it was before they got their copies. That is, until news broke out too early and the entire thing was spoiled, and everybody freaked. Everybody except me.

Because you see, I'm one of the rare kinds of people who think that spoilers are awesome.

The literary and cinematic kind, I mean.

I've never been afraid of spoilers. I've always been the type of guy who liked knowing what happens next, keeping a "journey, not destination" philosophy real close to the chest. I know people who got sick to the stomach finding out what happens to their favorite TV show or book too early, while I actively searched to find out the ending to Harry Potter way before it was cool to say "Snape Killed Dumbledore". It never bothered me to know beforehand that Onslaught was Professor X; I was more interested in why or how it happened.

Now let me tell you why I really love spoilers:

You're basically living in the future for a fraction of a second. For that moment of finale realization you're living in the most exciting place there is, ahead of the curve boldly going where no geek has gone before!

They can serve as "warning signs". I've lost count of the many times spoilers saved me from buying bad comics. With the perfect synergy of Wednesday releases in the US and late shipping here in Manila, I get to find out ahead of time if I'm buying something worthwhile.

They let me into fandoms easy. Never watched Glee but wanted to find out what I'm getting into, so I googled and now I know everything that happened before I even watched a single episode. Walking Dead sounds good, so I found issue summaries and it looks like Robert Kirkman's zombie tale is right up my alley.

I could think of and write down more reasons here, but I guess all I'm really trying to say is...spoilers are cool, and they don't deserve the bad rap they usually get!

Still think ignorance is bliss? Watch out as I look at why it still pays to be in the dark. So what do you think about spoilers? Do you love them as much as I do? Or hate them? Or do you give a big "Meh" either way?

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