First Impressions: DC 75th Heroclix

It's been a while since I've touched anything Heroclix. Wizkids folding and Wizkids being bought by NECA whizzed by, and I missed the boat when they pumped out their Hammer of Thor, Arkham Asylum and Web of Spider-Man expansion sets. So when I saw Wizkids/NECA's latest set celebrating the 75th anniversary of DC Comics, I decided to jump in. The Philippines was pretty lucky to get these waaay ahead of the announced release date of December 16 (much to the chagrin of those on the greener side of the pond), so I got an early taste of Heroclix DC 75th.

I swallowed a bit when I found out that a booster was selling for P600 a pop...Lord knows how much a brick (or a ten-booster pack) costs now. A couple of expansions ago it was like P450 a booster. Wow. Times change. The figures did too. Let's take a look at what I got!

It must have been hard choosing just 60 characters from DC Comics' rich 75-year history, but they've pulled it off. From the obscure to the new, every era is represented, and I love it.

DC expansion sets have always been powerhouses stat and power-wise, and DC 75th is no exception. Some of the new traits, special powers and stats introduced here will be pretty useful to many a gamer. Except for me of course, since I absolutely suck at Heroclix.

The sculpts are as good as they can be at this size. I especially like Osiris' paintjob, and Aquaman here looks badass riding a tentacle into battle.

But then, there's these guys. I dunno, personally I love it when figures for a tabletop miniature game that lets you recreate comic book battles look like they're actually battling instead of standing around waiting for someone to hit them in the solar plexus. Zamaron (the blue girl in purple and pink above) has got to be the laziest sculpt I've ever seen. She's just standing there rigid like she's playing for keeps in a game of 'stop-dance'.

In what's probably a first, Beast Boy gets four figures in this set, one in his normal humanoid mode and three in his animal forms. I got his Bear and Cheetah forms, each with their own powers. And he can swap forms whenever he wants. Cool.

I'll end this post in a funny yet awesome story. I went to Neutral Grounds a few days ago to try my luck again with a DC 75th booster. My girlfriend was with me, so I let her pick out a booster for me. She didn't want to at first for fear of jinxing me, but in the end she picked out a booster.

The first figure I saw inside? Barry Allen, one of my most wanted Super Rares from this set!

Let's just say I owe my girlfriend a lot more than kisses after this!

Those are my first impressions on this auspicious set. I'll try my luck again soon since the selection is pretty interesting. Till then, thanks for reading!

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