Webcomics I Love: Walking the Lethe

It's the last Wednesday before the big push to Halloween! Let's commemorate this occasion by giving the spotlight to another scary webcomic, Walking the Lethe (http://walkingthelethe.com) Warning: Mature themes! NSFW!

Walking the Lethe is a supernatural webcomic about angels, demons, and a summoning gone awry. All Richard Harrison ever wanted was to say his last goodbyes to his dead wife, so he summons her via arcane means. But it's not his wife that comes out from the other side...it's the succubus Astria! This doesn't sit well with the angel Utos, and what happens next has to be seen to be believed!

The art and writing leaves a lot to be desired at the start, but if you're willing to sit through the introductory chapters, you'll be getting to the better parts, the meat and bones of the thing, all in chilling detail. It's pretty disturbing at times, which to me is a plus for a scary webcomic. Walking the Lethe artist Adwarr's designs and art are awesome to look at, and it lends a bit of atmosphere that hooks you in.

What are you waiting for? Read Walking the Lethe now! But don't say I didn't warn you...

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