Happy Anniversary, Behold the Geek!

I'm still here!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank YOU, the readers, the Geeks, who took time off their lives to spend time reading whatever I had to say. Thank you for visiting, commenting, browsing, bookmarking and basically giving this blog a chance. Without you, I'm just some guy shouting in the wind, looking like an idiot. Thank you for not making me look crazy!

When I turned my personal blog Think Happy Thoughts into the comic book and pop culture blog you see today, I never imagined it becoming as big and as widespread as it is now. I've connected with fellow bloggers, got to chat with some comic book industry people, basically waded nose-deep into the comic book blogosphere...and the water's fine!

I know Behold the Geek! as you know it right now has only been around since 2008, but it's still a milestone for me that the blog itself lasted this long, and so I've embraced the whole blog, even the shit I wrote way back in 2004, in tender, loving, Potato Corner-stained fingers and arms.

So I raise my hot mug of Milo and give a toast to the sixth year of Behold The Geek!, and here's to six more!

Happy Anniversary, you blog you!

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