My Week in Comics: May 14, 2010.

It's a feel good week for comics, with just one bad apple among the bunch. Let's see what I got myself into this week!

Let me just get this out of the way first. Siege #4. An event book that Marvel boasted to be 'an event seven years in the making', and in the end, Sentry went out like a bitch, and there was so much plot handwaving going on I could have sworn a breeze went know what? Bendis obviously didn't put much effort here, so I won't either. 1.5 out of 5. Steer the fuck clear from this book. Thank Oliver Coipiel's awesome pencils for saving you from a dismal grade.

Okay, let's move on. If you recall the last panel of Final Crisis #8, it seems that Darkseid's Omega beams didn't kill the Batman, and instead shunted him through time, ending up in prehistory! And in the 'now' we have Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1, the time-spanning book that sees Bruce Wayne trying to make his way to the present as only the goddamn Batman can. Here, Bruce has to contend with crazy ass cavemen, bat worshippers, and a surprise appearance from his 'super friends' that portends the end of the universe as we know it!

As expected of Grant Morrison, he ties this issue's plot points into future stories so well he'd earn a merit badge. You can't help but go 'Oh, so that's where it came from!' with every turn of the page. This is Batman literally creating his own mythos, and though this has the potential to become very retarded, it's a fun and action-packed read, if only a little confusing. This is a 4 out of 5.

Sue me, I loved Flash #2. I read the first issue and it was just chockful of good, clean comic book fun, and the second issue offers up another generous serving. In this issue, Barry encounters some time travelling Rogues, who are apparently good guys and cops from the future....and they're here to bring down Barry's ass for murdering one of their officers!

I've never read about the Flash before this, so it's actually refreshing for me to see him in action, and he didn't disappoint. Francis Manapul's rendition of Flash's fight with the Future Rogues was exciting and well-done, demonstrating that he can handle a fight between bad guys and a man who can run 'from zero to sonic boom in 0 seconds" and handle it well. And to be honest, I geeked out seeing him rebuild an apartment building from scratch with his super speed. Gah, that's fucking awesome!

This issue paints the Flash (and his alter-ego Barry Allen) in a very favorable light. This is a guy who wants to do the right thing, a guy who wants to be a real hero. No other superhero comic I'm reading right now has a character with that sort of noble purpose, and I'm loving this book for it. If not for the weird color errors that threw me off in the end, this would have gotten a perfect grade. As it is, it's a 4 out of 5.

Well, thanks to Bendis, I'll never trust Marvel again. Too bad, since with Nova and Siege done, and with the main Avengers book being written by him, my pull list just got cut down significantly. I guess DC is gonna keep me company from now on!

That's it for this Week in Comics. Agree? Disagree? Leave me a comment via the comment box below and let's discuss. Thanks for reading!

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