First Look at 6" Iron Man 2 Figures!

Wow. I just got news of first hand (and on-hand and in-package!) pics of the 6" Iron Man 2 movie figs from a Chinese hobby forum. I dunno how the good Chinese people got hold of these babies first, but I hope that if they got hold of them early, we here in the Philippines will too!

Iron Man 2 movie figures
IMO, the 6 inchers from the first Iron Man movie line sucked balls like you won't believe, with anorexic sculpts and pasmadong paint apps. But from the pics here, it looks like Mr. Stark got a figure he deserved, with a figure that looks like a real human being actually wearing armor, as opposed to some Skeleton Warrior wearing the Mark VI like a Halloween costume.

And good gravy, check out 6" movie War Machine!

Iron Man 2 movie figs
Check out the link and pics while I...uh, clean up over here.

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