Webcomics I Love: Hark, A Vagrant

Man, time flies doesn't it? It's another Wednesday! And it's time for a scheduled (!) Webcomic I Love! And since it's International Women's Week, it's only fitting that a very funny female is responsible for this awesome webcomic I'm loving, called Hark, A Vagrant.

Hark, A Vagrant is a collection of strips and doodles by a certain Kate Beaton, and the doodle-y art style just oozes with charm. She makes comics about anything really, but what I really love are the hilarious send-ups of historical figures she does, from Mary Shelley's boy problems to an exasperated Jane Austen. Oh, and St. Francis too. He's a bro.

Hark, A Vagrant's got something for everybody, so check it out and tell her I sent you!

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