You're Superman

It's the first Monday of the year, and the first working day of the year for us working folks. Now normally I would go on another rib-splitting attempt at motivating you today, but the very nature of this day calls for something more...motivational.

It's a new year, another new beginning, another blessed opportunity to be awesome. If you're already awesome (which would probably be the case since you're reading my blog), then you've started this year right. But for those of you still reeling from the lethargy of Christmas and New Year binging to even think about getting your ass off and doing something awesome...

See, all my years lounging around the internets have gotten me a full-to-bursting desktop folder filled with nothing but awesome stuff. So to start you off right this day...nay, this very year!...I share with you a quote from something I found all those moons ago that's so fitting today.


Remember early Superman? I mean EARLY Superman? I'm talking Max Fleischer Superman. How Lois always treated him like crap? Playing tricks on him so he wouldn't get the big story and she would? Remember how he always just laughed and shrugged, confident in the fact that he was Superman and he knew she wanted him but would never have him? Adopt that attitude.

(Ladies? This applies to you as well but I'm going to run with the Superman analogy so switch genders in the following bit if necessary)

When you're at work, or at school, or whatever mundane practice you participate in that's necessary to function in society, you're Clark Kent. Sure no one takes you as seriously as you deserve, and sure that girl Lois you've had your eye on for so long treats you like crap. But that doesn't matter. Why? Because you're Superman. It doesn't matter that no one else knows this. You're Superman.

When you leave your job/class/etc, drop the disguise. Shed the clothes of mild-mannered Clark Kent and don the glorious tights of Superman. Write that novel. Film that movie. Record that song. Learn to breakdance. You know better than those around you how awesome you REALLY are.

Keep at it. Keep at it long enough and finally, Lois is going to realize how damn freaking awesome you are. But who cares what she thinks? You're SUPERMAN. You're already hooking up with Wonder Woman and high-fiving Batman. Oh and that Luthor punk? He's just jealous. He wishes he was as damn awesome as you are but he's not, so he just blames you for all of his problems. Yeah he's kind of annoying, but he's not hooking up with Wonder Woman and high-fiving Batman. YOU ARE. So let him throw giant death machines at you. Just knock 'em down and head to the JLA mixer.


And that, is the anonymous author's advice to you and me. Now you, go out there and be awesome...


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  1. Awesome post! I'm sorry that I just now read it, but it will definitely help me shake off the post-holiday cobwebs and on the way to being super this new year. Thanks for throwing this out there and I can only hope that I can you follow the same advice. Let's be fearless this year!