My Week in Comics: Captain Britain and the MI13 #13

I know Power Girl is already so last week's news, but I had to get this off my chest (hee!). Jimmy, Justin, Amanda...I love you guys, but if there had to be an example of how to make a successful first issue, Power Girl #1 wouldn't be one of them. For someone with as much chest-icular fortitude as her, I had a hard time staying awake trying to pay attention to her. Oh, and bewbs. where was I? Oh yes, My Week in Comics...the comic book review column that takes the time you wished it would take to read comic books and waste it on reviewing one! So what have I gotten myself into this week?

Ah, yes…Captain Britain and the MI13 #13. It’s a pretty unlucky number for this superteam, as Lord Dracula switches his invasion plans into high-gear, making sure that nothing stands in his way towards the total domination of England. It's got some heavy stuff, more vampires than even Twilight would know what to do with, and it's got some throwaway cameos by Union Jack and Norman Osborn! Talk about getting bang for your buck!

If I could only use one word to describe this particular comic, it would be “Scary.” Granted that I haven’t been reading comics that long (what’s 15 years anyway?), but I’ve never seen a villain win so hard like this. The lord of vampires made sure that England’s ass is his. Cutting England off from aid via force field, shooting vampire missiles at them from the moon, taking the MI13 down one by one like a bunch of amateurs…Dracula had all the bases covered. It's that sort of surgical precision I don't see a lot of in villains these days...and if I had my way, I'd only let Dracula have all of it.

If there’s anything that would take this comic down a notch, it would be Leonard Kirk, whose usually awesome pencil work is more scratchy and plain than usual here. And often, some panels would say one thing but show something totally different. I mean, let’s just say you wouldn’t know that there was some ‘holy water carpet bombing’ involved in a panel or two if the characters didn’t straight up tell you!

The ish didn't wow me overall, but I'm hoping all the shit that happens in this issue will lead to an epic showdown of ultimate power. The MI13 doesn't know how lucky they have it. I mean, how many here can brag that they're about to throw down with the Lord of Vampires? This one's an easy 3.5 out of 5.

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