3rd TAGCOM Megapost: Day 1

Ahh...toy conventions. Never has a place been both nirvana and torture chamber to the countless people who are into this little hobby of ours. I mean, where else can you find a grown man weeping openly in front of an MOC Darth Vader figure he just bought?

But there wasn't just weeping during the the first day of the 3rd TAGCOM Convention. There were also singing, laughing and people...lots and lots of people.

3rd Tagcom
That was the scene at 2pm, and the day just got started. My wallet was not exactly bursting with disposable income, but it knew all of a sudden that it had to be disposed of fast. So where do I start?

Well, if you went in via the widest entrance of the con, two options were already laid out in front of you:

3rd Tagcom Maxicollector Booth
The Maxicollector booth specialized in hard-to-find comic book and fantasy related statues and replicas, most of which are un-affordable to 75% of the con-going populace, as evidenced by its museum-like atmosphere (look but don't...and can't...touch!)

Comic book statues
But hey, at least they're pretty looking.

3rd Tagcom 2Rats booth
And 2Rats, a staple in conventions, was busy doing their thing, with action figs lined in every nook and cranny. Oh what that feeling would be to be surrounded by all that stuff!

Aside from the booths, there were also exhibits of tons of different stuff related to collecting. Die-cast cars, action figs, statues, Transformers and even freaking Gormiti (!) toys were on display. Just looking at all that eye candy is giving me cavities.

Iron Man statuesHulk action figuresTransformers ClassicsDie-cast LamborghiniRocketeer statue
Of course, not all the action were confined to the glass cases scattered throughout the venue. The stage was pretty busy too, especially when that cute chick in cosplay jumped onto the stage to sing and dance. I LOL'd when afterwards, she was asked if she was still available, and she said the big 'NO' with a giggle. You could practically hear the hearts of dejected geeks shattering all over the mall!

If walking around looking at toys and statues or having your heart broken by a green-haired cutie isn't the be-all, end-all of your con-going day, there were also some contests going on. There were some crazy RC car drifting contests (the sight of little cars drifting on roads laid out on the floor freaked me out in a good way!), Gundam kit building and custom figure making. Speaking of which, check out this crazy detailed custom samurai-themed Gundam on display!

Samurai Gundam
But at this point, I haven't found anything worth spending on yet! And the day's closing fast! With most of my wants being way beyond my spending power that day, what else could I possibly get?

And then it hit me...

...like the hammer of an angry god.

Macy from Geekerie
Thankfully the good people (or girl, as the case with Macy here) of Geekerie were on hand to provide yet another addition to my growing geeky wardrobe, their special 'A Clockwork Orange' shirt. I guess I won't be going home empty handed after all!

So that ends Day 1 of my 3rd TAGCOM experience. But trust me, folks...things are just about to go kuh-raaazy from here!

Thanos statue
Up next, cosplayers, chokeslams and championship belts! Stay tuned for Day 2!

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  1. mareng G, diba " the mighty banhammer " mo yun dati? HAHAHA XD

  2. @blackie

    Oo, dati...now it's just dispensing arbitrary justice wherever it's needed. XD