There are two things I like about Power Girl

...and it's not just her prodigious expanse of pectoral real estate.

It's the release of Power Girl #1, by bosom buddies Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Or specifically, the cover(s) for it.

In a bit of a nice touch, Power Girl #1 will ship with a pair of covers (at a 50/50 ratio no less. Can't let one get bigger than the other!), one by Conner and the other by another fave of mine, the uber-talented Adam Hughes. So which one should I pick?

(L-R) Amanda Conner cover, and Adam Hughes cover. Click to enlarge. Not that Power Girl needs any more enlarging...

Let's get this straight, though...I don't care about alternate/variant covers. Why the hell should I buy two comics with different covers when they're both the same inside? But covers this gorgeous make me think twice about my penny-pinching ways. I guess when it comes to anything Power Girl, two of one thing ain't so bad. As it is, I'm having a hard time picking which one of these babies to grab!

I'm out of boob jokes.

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  1. After reading a couple of issue of Terra, I think Conner draws the breast Power Girl I've ever seen. I meant "best". Best Power Girl.

  2. Oh I know what you mean. I especially liked how Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray didn't make her too much of a boob, and turned her into a titillating character who's not afraid to take a few knockers from bad guys. I guess we can say ta-ta to her insignificance after her first issue debut!