Webcomics I Love: Scary Go Round

The British as we know them now are known for their pubs, their teeth and their humour (thought I'd throw in a courtesy 'u' in there for ). Now there's one Briton who decided to add one more thing to that list: silly, girl webcomics.

Or at least, that's what I'd like him to add.

Ya see, this bloke named John Allison has created something of a gem of a webcomic that I can't help but browse around every day. It's called Scary Go Round, and despite the name, the only thing you should be afraid of is not reading it. The 'comic mostly focuses on chapters in the life of reporter Shelley Winters, as she deals with delinquents, trendy twenty-somethings and the occasional goblin!

It often rambles on, as would be expected of the Brits, but the payoff is when you stick with it and get a kick out of Shelley's adventures. And the hip and quirky art alone is reason enough to keep coming back.

But hey, why do I have to stand here convincing you? Get to the site and start loving it already!

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