Why, Ares, Why?!!!!

I know Halloween was just this weekend, and Christmas is about 50 days away...but man...

Mighty Avengers' Ares about to lay some god-like smackdown.
...I have to own this.

That's Ares (of Mighty Avengers fame), the latest Build-A-Figure (or BAF) from the latest Marvel Legends wave, and quite possibly the most badass action figure I have ever laid eyes on. Dude looks like he could kick everyone's asses up and down the aisles of toy stores everywhere!

But that figure is a Wal-Mart exclusive.

And we do not have Wal-Marts here in the Philippines.

Which makes me a very, very, very angry blogger.

I swear, on the life of my Heroclix, I will own this figure. You have my word.

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