A Lazy Toy Fair Saturday

Just got back from the Glorietta Midnight Toys and Collectibles Madness Fair in Makati and I have two words to describe it: cuh-raaazy!

There were toys from almost every toy manufacturer out there. There were NECA stuff, McFarlane Toys, Barbies, anime figurines and the ubiquitous Marvel Legends figs, all of them at pretty good deals. Every toy collector from the Philippines was probably there, as I had to shove my way through some sweaty toy geeks (and some geeks with smokin'-hot girlfriends...who knew?) to get to some of the booths!

Some booths were selling the hard-to-find Target Exclusive Ares and Red Hulk Marvel Legends waves, but my jaws sank to the ground when I found out they only sold them as sets, and at (in my humble, financially incapable opinion) astronomic prices! I guess I have to wait till they go further down in price, which is probably when 'Legends are, like, obsolete.

I didn't go home empty-handed, though! I found some Marvel figs I liked, though they're loose figs from the bargain bins. I got Jean Grey (from Hasbro Series 2), Captain Marvel (from the MODOK wave) and a Hulkbuster Iron Man (who I plan to give to my best friend as a Christmas present), all in pretty good shape!

Jean Grey, Captain Marvel and, behind them, Hulkbuster Iron Man
going, "Marvel Legendz in the hizzouuuuuusse!"

More pics of my hauls. As always, click the pics to enlarge!

I also saw the good people at Comic Odyssey and found at their booth a copy of Civil War #1, the only issue I missed, and at cover price too! "Mahirap na ma-complete 'yan!" (It's already hard to complete that [mini-series]!) Sir Comic Odyssey told me, and I absolutely believe him, that's why I was happy to get the copy I needed to complete my Civil War comics.

All in all it was pretty fun, as I got figs I wanted and as I write it's probably still full of people looking around and bargaining and stuff, as the fair goes all the way till midnight. Makes me wanna come back tomorrow!

But I can't.

Oh well, till the next convention then! If you're anywhere near Glorietta tomorrow, I suggest you get there!

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