Sneak Peeks into the Present (and Future!) of Heroclix

Some folks at HCRealms (notably babloid and Glen Quagmire, with some help from the people at the Wizkids boards..whew!) got some neat first looks into what us plastic crack addicts can look forward to in the next Marvel Heroclix set, dubbed Hammer of Thor!

Molly: duck protector!
There's a shot of Molly, one of the Runaways, finally getting a clix made of her. The sculpt is absolutely adorable and I sincerely hope the figure looks as good in hand.

Super Skrull: X-Men is climbing up in the world.
The centerpiece of the Marvel set is this ginormous Thor figure riding his two steeds to battle! This figure is part of their Buy it by the Brick program, wherein if you buy a ClixBrick (a ten-booster package), you can send off a coupon to get one of these babies for free! For those of you Heroclix laypersons who want to know more, check out their program here.

Honestly, I agree with my money to screw the next DC set for now.... Hammer of Thor is giving me all the good sorts of goosebumps I never had.

And for the DC people out there (I'm one of you guys, but my financial abilities these days say otherwise), here are some pics of the Super Rares from the upcoming DC Heroclix set, named Arkham Asylum (set to release near Halloween, I believe?)

Joker's wild...
Prime looks...smashed.
That's some nightmare fuel right there.
And guess what? The other thing the good people at HCRealms found out during the retailer summit where they found these pics? Something the DC guys can look forward to for the next DC set after Arkham Asylum...

God. Damn. Batmobile.The goddamn Batmobile.

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