A big change is coming...

If you've been paying attention these past few weeks, you would notice that I've been slowly blogging about comics in general. From comics I pull each week, to comic book news, views, and curios.

They say that in order to run a successful blog, you should first find the one thing you are most passionate about and write about that. Well, if there's only one thing I'm passionate about in this world, it's comics.

And what that means is, Think Happy Thoughts will change in a big way. A very, very big way.

As I count down to the 4th Anniversary of Think Happy Thoughts, I am also counting down to a new beginning with this blog. I'm tired of writing about stalking my crush and dating 14 year olds. I'm up for something different. Or at least, as different as I'm used to.

I'm going to blog about comics.

More info will come as soon as I decide upon it. First, I gotta find a new name for this blog. From what I've seen, all the good comic book blog names have been taken.

Or are they?

If you wanna help me find a name for my new comics blog so I could start a bit earlier, just leave a little somethin'-somethin' in the comments. I'm all ears.

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