My Week in Comics: July 27, 2008

No My Week in Comics this week, as my pull list is empty. Thank God for small mercies then, right? Anyway, I'll just tell ya what I think about the books I wanted to pull but can't, and why reviews are actually pretty helpful.

UNCANNY X-MEN #500 was one of the titles I was supposed to pull, if not for the novelty, but for the promise of gorgeous Terry Dodson art inside (along with a couple of Greg Land thrown in). It came in no less than 4 different covers, each showcasing a different superstar artist. There's Dodson and Land doing covers, but it also had a cool Alex Ross alternate cover, and one made by the late great Michael Turner.

I was pretty excited to get it, even if just for Dodson, but when I saw the prices for the alternate covers, his was priced at a whopping P1,000! That's more than what I pay in a month for comics...for just one issue! I love you, Dodson, I really do, but if your alternate cover is seeded as 1 in 30 copies and is worth that takes care of his own first, sorry.

I know, denying myself comics due to financial incapacities is a pretty shit weak reason but hey, at least I got reviews to make me feel like I read the thing and give me enjoyment!

Or not.

I read reviews from a lot of sites, but mostly I read reviews from sites I know, like Comic Book Resources. Most of the stuff there come from people who really love comics (sometimes too much...yeesh) and not some armchair critic who just read select few comics and then think they know everything about the comic industry already.

Wait, did I just incriminate myself?

Anyway, the reviews stated Uncanny as a fresh start of the flagship mutant title, and while a few others thought it's a pile of crap, Greg McElhatton's review at CBR was done so well that I'm second guessing my decision to not pull this.

Some people dismiss reviews as hokey crap done by people without anything better to do, but I believe reviews can actually be pretty helpful. I know I check reviews before buying a comic book or watching a movie I did not have a pre-vested interest in. If 90% of reviews say something's crap, while it can be taken with a grain of salt, chances are it probably is. Although I do not get why Spider-Man 3 got all the positive reviews it got...maybe that's one point against reviews, isn't it? I loved the first two Spider-Man movies, but hot fiddly damn, if that last installment wasn't a loosely-plotted disaster.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

So now I'm thinking if I should pull Uncanny X-Men #500 at a later date, and making do with the normally priced Alex Ross or Greg Land covers...and if I should follow my heart and pick up Christos Gage's start at Thunderbolts and confirm my continuing man crush (or "bromance" as Joss Whedon corrected once) on that silly man.

Man...did I just review reviews? Head hurts. But that's how I think of them. If you think otherwise, leave a little comment and let's talk about it!

Thanks for reading!

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