Out of context rant number 84

I guess you think you're so cool having a car and all that shit. You're probably f*ck-rich and live in your own apartment. You think you own the WORLD.

But know this: I know what you're doing to her...you even have the f*cking guts to do that while I was standing right outside your car window? And you even had a GIRLFRIEND that time, for godsakes...what the f*ck is wrong with you, snatchface? You think its okay, that what you're doing is right?! Maybe in your rich, pampered world it is. But not where I'm from. Where I'm from I was taught at least the decency to be loyal and to respect the trust given to you by a loved one and to not do anything you might regret in the end. You know what I mean, idiot. Guess they didn't teach you that, huh?

Now I hear you're a free man and courting her as we speak...well guess what, f*cker...you try to do that shit to her again and I'll make sure you're family won't have enough pieces to identify you.

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